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~I need to play the drums every day for the rest of my life, no matter what! I need to follow my heart, be courageous and commit to the drums. Without the drums there is no life!~






Sounds dramatic? Read more!


So here I was  at age 36, living in another country, just divorced, single mom to a 6 year old boy, looking for a new apartment……again. In the midst of all this chaos only one thing was sure as the sky:  I AM A DRUMMER!



All my life I had been listening to the opinions of others more.  The main one being: You can’t really earn a living doing music. You have to get a real job. But why where a lot of my peers complaining about lack of passion for their ‘real job’ . Shouldn’t people focus their energy on their talents more? Wouldn’t they be more productive? Why trade your energy for money if at the end of the day you have no energy left for your passion? For real life? From age 20 till 26 this was an ongoing struggle in my mind.



Fast forward. After doing a lot of stuff to distract myself from my ongoing longing and passion for music, I finally applied for Bachelor studies in Musik & Pedagogics with children at the age of 27. I started working with children age 6 to 18, teaching groups up to 120 kids. Very demanding, but I loved everything about it!

At age 30 I became a mom to a beautiful  son, moved from The Netherlands to Germany and put my studies on hold for far too long. Decided to finish my Bachelor Germany, applied and got accepted. As much as I loved the thought of a future teaching music to children I just missed playing. My Bachelor studies was great but the focus was on teaching more and for playing there was almost no time. That’s why I canceled my application last-minute and applied for  a Jazz Academy. That was one of the best decicions I ever made, even when not supported by some of the people closest to me.



I learned a lot that first year. Initially with piano being my first major and the drums my second major. But as time went by I found myself practicing the drums more than the piano. I started meeting inspiring and great teachers, started buying drum gear, started following drummers on social media , watched many, many videos on Youtube and started Googling drum camps online….. everything  just seemed to happen as if it was not me doing all these things. Then I found myself at the Open Minded Drum camp in Poland with nobody less than Claus Hessler being the Tutor.



During a break I was talking to Claus Hessler.  He asked me a couple of questions and I was telling him the Jazz Academy in Dortmund and piano being my 1st Major. But how the months leading up to this camp I found myself practicing the drums more than my major instrument…blablabla. Claus listened very carefully and then asked: So where is this going? I could not really answer.  And in that moment I was like: Man, what am I doing, here I am sitting with one of the Big names in the Drumming world and I am talking about the piano?? LIGHTBULB MOMENT ALARM; I have to follow my heart, I just have to be courageous and commit to the drums. Needless to stay, after the summer break I switched my major to the drums.


So I am on my way now with some very inspiring teachers and mentors (Sven Petri, Benny Mokross, Szymon Fortuna).

It’s an ongoing process with lots of ups and downs, but it is my life's work and; Without the drums there is no life!



Do what you love every day! Only you know the call of your heart.


Sending you much love and positive vibrations on your journey,





Ezra Sefanja Mijnhijmer


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